Rocket Mozzafiato

  • Price $2,100

  • 12" W x 17" D x 15" H

  • 46.3 lbs.

  • 304 grade Stainless Steel case

  • E-61 group head with automatic pre-infusion

  • Heat exchanger system

  • 1.8 liter Copper boiler with brass end-caps

  • No Burn steam/hot water wands with two-hole steam tip

  • PID controlled

  • Vibratory pump and motor

  • 2.9 liter water reservoir with low water sensor

  • 58 mm portafilter

  • 3" clearance between the drip tray and the portafilter

The Rocket Mozzafiato utilizes an E61 commercial group head with automatic pre-infusion system as well as a heat exchanger system with a 1.8 liter, copper boiler with brass end-caps allowing for simultaneous brewing and steaming. This is possible because the brew water is taken from the reservoir but is indirectly heated by the steam boiler so it doesn't deplete the boiler's water, giving it a higher capacity than a single boiler alone. Another great feature of the Rocket Mozzafiato is the thermosyphon circulation system with 20 percent higher volume (compared to other machines on the market) to quickly heat up between shots to provide great extraction. Additional temperature stabilization efforts have been taken as well, such as thicker boiler endplates. The Mozzafiato does not come with the option to plumb it in but has a generous 2.9 liter reservoir with a low water sensor.