Jura Impressa J9

  • Price $4,050
  • 12.5'' W x 17" D x 13.5'' H
  • 2.1 liter water reservoir
  • Height adjustable dispensers with a 6 inch clearance

The Impressa J9 from Jura offers sophistication, quality and simplicity.  With a full color, touch screen display and intuitive programming keys with illuminated icons for variable adjustments, including water volume/drink, 5 degrees of coffee strength, 2 brew temperatures and 3 hot water settings. The J9 features height adjustable, coffee and milk dispensers, allowing it to accommodate anything up to 6 inches making it great for filling to-go mugs.

The conical burr grinder is accompanied by an 8.8 ounce bean hopper with "aroma-preserving" lid and the option to brew with pre-ground coffee as well (which can be used to accommodate decaf or specialty grinds without having to empty the bean hopper). The Impressa J9 has an integrated maintenance program including cleaning, rinsing and descaling cycles. To clean, Simply set a container below the milk frother and run the automated maintenance option and the J9 will commence in a self rinse to keep the system from getting clogged.