Egro One

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  • 12” W x 23” D x 31” H

  • Recommended daily capacity of 200 beverages

  • 48 programmable custom beverages

  • Two, extra large bean hoppers can be used separately or together

The Egro One by Rancilio is the leading commercial super automatic espresso machine, with a compact design and a 5.7 inch full-color touchscreen that has 6 customizable pages and can be programmed to prepare up to 48 custom espresso drinks. It even comes with a USB port to upload drink recipes, videos and images.  The Egro One uses a software controlled system that mixes hot and cold water, to perfectly achieve the programed brew temperature as well as the appropriate water volume. Its automated milk frothing process draws milk from an external reservoir, steams the milk within and dispenses it neatly into your cup.  The Egro One's dual boiler and simultaneous coffee and steam delivery allows it to produce an astonishing capacity of 250 espresso shots per hour or 120 cappuccinos, however its daily recommended capacity is 200 beverages.  An adjacent milk fridge, like the 3 liter Cool Box, is a great option to keep the milk cold when you need it continually available. 

With its large dual bean hoppers and optional dual grinders (great for using two different kinds of coffee) this machine brings all essential features you want in a commercial super automatic espresso machine. Through Egro One's software,  maintenance is automated, with on-screen instructions to walk you through the cleaning cycle which only takes about 15 min. and is recommended once a day.