Rocket R58

  • Price $3,000

  • 12.25" W x 17.5" D x 16.25" H

  • 64 lbs.

  • E61 commercial group

  • Dual insulated boilers

  • PID controlled

  • 304 grade stainless steel case

  • Pre-infusion system

  • Thermosyphon circulation with built in flow control

  • Patented, double walled "Cool-touch" steam wand

  • Two hole steam tip: 1.5 mm holes

  • Boiler and group pressure gauges

  • Rotary pump

  • 58mm portafilter

  • 2.9 liter water reservoir

The Rocket R58 utilizes an E61 commercial group head with automatic pre-infusion system that saturates the grinds before adding pressure and dual boilers, both of which are made from lead-free copper, allowing for simultaneous brewing and steaming. The two boilers able to maintain precise temperatures due to dual PIDs.

The R58 can be left on continuously and is suitable for up to 25 drinks/day on a regular basis but has a capacity of up to 40 espresso shots/hour. includes an adjustable, commercial rotary pump and a water source control switch, giving you the option to plumb in your machine or run directly off the 2.9 liter tank that includes a low water sensor to avoid running out of water.