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Would you like espresso service in your office?

At Kanen Coffee, we specialize in repairing all kinds of espresso machines AND delivering an authentic espresso experience to offices large and small.  We believe the better the machine , the better the coffee and all of our workplace espresso machines use whole beans to make great tasting lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and mochas—at the press of a button.

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office espresso machine

Need Service?

Reliable service that gets you pouring great shots of espresso again!

Does your machine leak? Not work? Bad tasting coffee?

Worried its been a long time since you’ve had your espresso machine serviced?

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Espresso Machines installed at Marketo in San Mateo.


Office Espresso Machines installed at AT&T in Palo Alto

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine installed at SGI (Silicon Graphics Institute)



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